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Ayurveda And All - August 2007 issue

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Improve your Digestion with Ayurveda
Dr. Charminder Kaur
Digestive diseases are very common as a day to day ailment. Herbal and home remedies form the best mode of treatment for treating these digestive disorder.
>> Page 31

Ayurveda and Children
Digestive Disorders Affecting Infants and Children

Dr. Paritosh Tyagi
Read all about common digestive disorders in children, the diagnostic procedures and ayurvedic treatment.
>> Page 11

Ayurveda and hypertension
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) - Ayurvedic Management

Dr. K. Y. Iyer
If you master the techniques of keeping your blood pressure down, you have much less chance of having hypertension later and you are less likely to have fatty -cholesterol deposits in your arteries. Even though you have normal blood pressure, you can benefit yourself with simple adjustment in lifestyle.
>> Page 19

Ayurveda Concepts
Concept of Ama

Dr. Charminder Kaur
Ama is a peculiar concept in Ayurveda (for which modern chemistry has no correlate). It is an important factor in a cause of disease and in modification of disease process.
>> Page 26

Ayurveda and Skin
Skin Conditions: Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation

According to ayurveda good skin reflects a properly functioning liver, good digestion and assimilation, and proper elimination. Since the skin is a mirror of the health of the entire body, in addition to topical treatments to remove impurities and nourish the skin, it is also recommended to use herbal supplements to improve digestion.
>> Page 37

Music Therapy
Evolution of Indian Music

Dr. T. V. Sairam
Nada yoga is an ancient yogic discipline, which has also influenced the later day traditions. The author relates how the Indian Music evolved through the ages
>> Page 45

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