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Ayurveda And All - October 2007 issue

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Joint Disorders and Ayurveda
Dr. Paritosh Tyagi
For most people arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided as the body ages. In fact, most people over the age of 50 show some signs of arthritis.  Joints naturally degenerate over time. Fortunately, arthritis can be managed through a combination of medication, exercise, rest, weight-management, nutrition, and, in some cases, surgery. Ayurveda teaches us the way of life that can prevent and control this degenerative disease.
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Season of Cold and Flu
Prevent Cold and Flu the “Natural” Way

Dr. K. Y. Iyer
There are no known cures for colds and flu, so cold and flu prevention should be our goal. A proactive approach to warding of colds and flu is apt to make your whole life healthier.
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Home Remedies
Relieve Toothache Naturally

Dr. S. M. Singh
Toothache can be excruciating making one’s life miserable. At this moment easily available home remedies can come handy to relieve the pain of toothache.
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Music Therapy
The 'Personal Tempo' and the Tempo in Music

Dr. T. V. Sairam
In recent years music therapy is growing in popularity as more and more people are opting for it – more particularly for its pleasant impact and also the zero side-effects it promises. The present lifestyle which is full of tension gets balanced with musical inputs and hence a therapist is regarded as a welcome figure in hospitals and nursing homes around the globe.
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Ayurveda and Children
Urinary tract Infection in Children

Dr. Anupuma
Urinary tract infection in children can cause troublesome symptoms especially in young girls. Read all about UTI, its treatment and prevention.
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Ayurveda and women
Women and Epilepsy

Dr. Charminder Kaur
Women face many unique challenges while suffering from epilepsy, from changes during the monthly cycle which may trigger seizures to concerns regarding pregnancy. Ayurvedic texts suggest certain changes in diet and lifestyle to prevent and manage epilepsy seizure in women.
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Ayurveda and Dandruff
The Menace of Dandruff

Dr. Preeti Dass
What is dandruff and what causes it? What can you do to control dandruff and what remedies can be used at home for getting rid of this menace.
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