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Ayurveda And All - November 2007 issue

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Migraine has a Solution-Read all about it
Dr. Charminder Kaur
Migraine ranks in the top 20 of the world’s most disabling medical illness. Conventional treatment has no permanent cure for it. A holistic approach is needed to eradicate the tendency to develop a migraine. Read all about this painful condition and how to solve it permanently and from the roots.
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Ayurveda and women
Br**st Cancer -The Most Common Cancer in Women

Dr. Preeti Dass
Over the course of a liftetime, one in eight women with be diagnosed with br**st cancer. It is the most common cancer in females. This article briefly mentions the causes risk factors, ways to prevention, treatment options and ayurvedic management of br**st cancer.
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Ayurveda for Conjunctivitis
Are you Pink in the Eye?

Dr. Paritosh tyagi
Conjunctivitis or Pink eye as it is commonly called is an infection of the eyes, which has five different types of causes. This article provides valuable tips on care of the eyes and natural treatment for conjunctivitis.
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Brahmi-The Traditional Ayurvedic Brain Tonic

Dr. K. Y. Iyer
The herb Brahmi is exceptional as it is recognised as a tridoshic balancing herb which means it is suitable for all body types. It was through the success of the ancient medical practices over three thousand years ago that Brahmi was established as a powerful nervine and brain tonic.
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Music Therapy
Acoustic Activism

Dr. T. V. Sairam
Life at dawn, early morning hours, noon, afternoon, evening and late nights in deep forests show certain subtle tonal ambience and pattern, which is re-captured in Indian raga system. In nature, movements of elements such as earth (as in earthquakes or tsunami), water (as in water-fall, rains, snow-fall or meandering rivers), air (as in storm, breeze, desert air, hailstorm etc) all exhibit certain distinguishable and varying sound vibrations and patterns. They are the most natural sound emanations having an over-all impact on the life on the planet earth. They also contribute towards over-all psychological health of the people. Natural soundscapes therefore, need to be fiercely protected and preserved, without yielding to the onslaught of dredgers, earth-movers and city traffic noise.
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Effect of Dashmool Ksheer in Ardita Vata

Dr. Neelima Sharma & Dr. Umesh Sharma
A clinical study suggesting the effect of an ayurvedic herb, Dashmool ksheer in the treatment of facial palsy.
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