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Asthma: Comparison Between Modern and Ayurvedic Approach

Dr. Charminder Kaur

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Triggers off asthma

  • Pollen, especially from grass and tress can be a trigger. Discourage your child from playing in grass and keep him inside when the pollen count is high.
  • Animal fur can be a trigger of asthma in your child, so keep your pet away from him.
  • Feather filled cushions can also be a trigger of asthma.
  • Keep your child away from cigarette smoke
  • Reduce house dust by vacuuming and damp sponging. Cover your child’s mattress with a plastic sheet.

What Happens During an Asthma Attack?

People with asthma have acute episodes when the air passages in their lungs get narrower, and breathing becomes more difficult. These problems are caused by an oversensitivity of the lungs and airways.
  • Lungs and airways overreact to certain triggers and become inflamed and clogged.
  • Breathing becomes harder and may hurt.
  • Adults older than 65
  • People living in urban communities
  • Other factors include:
  • Family history of asthma
  • Personal medical history of allergies.

Diet for an Asthmatic Patient

Foods to Avoid

Foods to be Taken

Animal Protiens Garlic
Sweets Apricots
Tomatoes Grapes
Salty Foods Almonds
Cow’s Milk and Otherproducts Pineapple
Icecream Walnuts
Mungbeens Pumpkin
Banana Turnips
Meat Sunflower Seeds
Watermelon Spinach
Bread Carrots
Coldfoods Mustardgreen

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