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Medicinal Uses of Aamla (Emblica Officinalis) - A Review

Dr. Farhan Akhtar, Dr. Abdul Ban, Dr. Mohd. Aslani, Dr. Azhar M. U.

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Indications (Uses): According to unani chemical literature it was used in the following diseases.
Bleeding, haemorrhoids, anemia, gout, vertigo, obesity, diabetes-all types, hyperacidity, eczema, psoriasis, peptic ulcer, hyper cholesterolemia, fever, chronic va***nal infection, hoarse voice, sore throat, inflammation, hepatitis B, nonspecific urethritis, sterility, anaemia, gingivitis, glaucoma, diarrhoea, constipation, active fistula, hair loss, multiple voice, threatening melanoma, inflammation of lungs and eyes.

The fruit is commonly used in the treatment of burning sensation any where in the body, anorexia, urinary discharge, inflammatory bowels, toxicity of the blood, thirst, seeds are powered and used for asthma, bronchitis, dried fruit is used for hemorrhage, diarrhea, dysentery, for anemia (with iron), jaundice, dyspepsia. For acute dysentery taken as syrup with lemon juice. As triphala good for laxative, headache, dyspepsia, constipation, piles, enlarge live, as cites. Juice of bark combined with honey and turmeric for gonorrhea, gastritis, graying or hair loss, general debility, tissue loss, palpation, it is a powerful antioxidant, proven immune-modulator and protects from heavy metal toxicity.

Contradiction (cautions)

Ok for pregnancy but triphala is not.


Fe, Ca, Mg, Silica, bi 2, c. k= fruit pulp contains moisture 81 % protein 5%, fat 1% mineral matter 7 96, fiber 3. 4 %, carbohydrates 14 %, calcium 05 96, and potassium 02 96 iron 1/2 mg /100 g. Nicotinic acid 2mg/ l00gm and vitamin C 600 mg/ 100gm. Fruit is high in pectin, phyilemblin is there. Fresh amla contains about 20 times more vitamin C then orange juice and aqua; in antiscorbutic value to 1-2 oranges. Dried fruit have tannins and 3-4 colloidal complexes. Other components are phyllemblic acid, lipids, gallic acid, emblicol, mucic acid, ellagic acid, glucose, seeds contain a fixed oil, phosphatides, some essential oil with linolenic, oleic, palmitic acids. Proteolytic.

Formulations and Dosage

Compounds: Jawrish Amla, Anushdaru, Jawarish Shahi, Safuf Hazim, triphala, infusion 20-30 ml bid powder 2-5 gm bid triphala 2 gm bid Chayvanprash 8-12 gm bid.

Active Principal

Gallic Acid is the active principal of Aamlah

Aamlah Sherbet

Aamlah sherbet is a healthy beverage and acts as a laxative and diuretic too. For making Aamlah sherbet you need:
  • Juice of aamlah: 4 teaspoons
  • Sugar: 3 tablespoons or as per your taste (if you want it less sweet or more sweet)
  • Water: 16 ounces.
Mix the ingredients and your aamlah sherbet is ready. Store in a cool place or refrigerator.

Vernacular Names
Sanskrit Dhatiphala, Srphalam, Bayastha, Adiphala, Amalakam, Amraphalam
English Indian gooseberr, Emblic myrobalan
Hindi Amla, Aoula, Aura, Amlika, Anvurah
Bengali Amlaki, Amla
Tamil Toppi, Aellikkai
Malyalam Nellikai
Punjabi Ambul, Ambal, Ambli
Kashmir Aonla
Assam Amluki
Unya Amlaki
Marathi Avala
Arabic Amlaj
Persian Amala, Amuleh, Amial
French Phyllanthe Emblic
German Gebrauchlicher, Amlabaum
Japanese Amara
Chinese Anmole
Rome Clauba

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