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Dr. Ankita

Cholera is a common disease that occurs in summers and rainy seaosn. Below is given the ayurvedic treatment for its prevention and cure.

Cholera is infection of small intestines caused by bacterium Vibrio cholerae.
As the rainy season proceeds cholera makes its way into our houses. Cholera is one of the most severe diseases of the intestines and infects small intestines. It is a water-borne disease and is common during the monsoon. The mortality rate for this disease has been quite high.

Cholera bacteria produce a toxin/poison that causes the small intestine to secrete large quantity of fluid rich in salts and minerals. Cholera spreads by ingesting contaminated water, contaminated seafood and through excretion.


Flies and contaminated water.


Cholera may start as mild uncomplicated diarrhoea and may convert to potentially severe disease. The stools are loose, watery, and grayish-brown in color and may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The patient may feel intense thirst, muscle cramps, weakness, fatigue and very less urine production. The skin becomes severely wrinkled, dry and clammy, eyes are sunken, pulse is weak and patient might suffer from some fever.


Culture of fresh stool and presence of bacteria in rectal swab depicts infection.

Prevention and treatment

  • Purification of water and proper disposal of human excreta is essential for controlling cholera.
  • Used boiled water for drinking.
  • Avoid uncooked vegetables and fish (half cooked).
  • Prompt fluid replacement.
  • Take as much as liquid diet as possible.
  • Take light non fried food.


Drumstick Leaves: The leaves of the drumstick tree are very useful in cholera. A teaspoon of fresh leaf juice, mixed with one teaspoon of honey should be given two or three times a day.

Lemon: Sweetened and salted lemon has a property to kill bacteria Vibrio cholera. The juice of this fruit can kill cholera bacilli within a very short time. Taking of lemon with food as a daily routine can also prevent cholera.

Onion: Onions are another valuable remedy for cholera easily available in the kitchen. Macerate nearly one onion with seven black peppers and given to the patient in two or three doses during the day. Onions allay thirst and restlessness and the patient feels better.

Karela (Bitter Gourd): The fresh juice of bitter gourd is an effective medicine in the early stages of cholera. Two teaspoons of this juice, mixed with an equal quantity of white onion juice and a teaspoon of limejuice, should be given twice daily in the treatment of this condition.

Guava Root Bark: The root bark of guava is rich in tannins and stops vomiting and symptoms of diarrhea. About thirty grams of the root bark should be used in half a litre of water to -make the decoction. The water should be boiled down to reduce it by one-third. This decoction can be taken twice daily.

Cucumber: A glass of fresh juice of cucumber leaves with an equal quantity of tender coconut water, given in doses of 30-60 ml, forms a valuable remedy for excessive thirst during cholera. It acts excellently by restoring the acid-base balance in dehydration.

Nutmeg: The herb nutmeg is a valuable remedy for dehydration caused by cholera. An infusion made by steeping half a nutmeg in half a litre of water should be given along with half a litre of tender coconut water in doses of 15 ml at a time in treating this condition.

Ginger: A spoon of ginger juice with sugar and slight water is useful to counteract spasm, vomiting and purgation. Ginger juice rubbed on naval also relaxes muscle spasm during diarrhea.

Clove: Cloves are useful in cholera. About four grams of this spice should be boiled in three litres of water until half of the water has evaporated. The decoction thus prepared should be given to the patient several times during the day. This will reduce the severe symptoms.




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