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Ayurveda and Skin: Beauty Tips

Dr. Charminder Kaur

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Vitamin B1 aids skin health by helping to keep the circulation normal. It is naturally found in peas, leguminous dals and mutton.

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin deficiency can lead to brown pigmentation, or dark spots on the skin. Severe riboflavin deficiency can lead to oily skin and hair and small deposits of fat under the skin of the cheeks and forehead and behind the ears. More severe deficiency of riboflavin causes the skin under the nose and at the comers of the eyes and mouth to crack and become sore. Take lot of green vegetables, eggs and dals to avoid this situation.

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine deficiency can result in dermatitis or eczema. Deficiency of niacin causes excessive tanning of skin. Whole grains, meat, egg avoid this situation.

It is clear that Vitamin B plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy skin. So, diet that is rich in Vitamin B can go a long way in skin health.

Anemia and Pale Skin:

Anemia results from lack of protein, iodine, calcium, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, cobalt, copper, and iron. Take diet rich in Vitamin B. Folic acid and vitamin B12 are especially important.

Enhance your Beauty in your kitchen

Several natural aids such as lemon have been found useful in promoting healthy and beautiful skin such as lemon. (see box)

Foods Rich in Vitamins B
Vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin) Unrefined wholegrains (brown rice, wholemeal bread, etc), liver, green leafy gegetables, fish, poultry, eggs, red meat, nuts, beans, pulses.
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) Eggs; saltwater fish; pork, beef, milk, wholemeal bread, fresh vegetables.
Vitamin B12(cobalamin) Kidney, liver, egg, herring, mackerel, milk, cheese tofu, seafood,
Folic acid Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, green leafy vegetables, wholemeal bread, bran.

Lime Juice

Lime juice is an important natural aid for healthy skin.
  • For oily skin: Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl of iced water. Splash this over the face, massage for five minutes and then wash off with water. Lemon juice acts as an astringent.

  • To improve a dry and rough skin: Mix juice of half lemon in egg yolk along with 5-7 drops of olive oil. In case you do not use egg replace it with fresh papaya. Apply this pack on face and neck and leave till it dries. Wash the pack off with ordinary water. Use this pack regularly for a week and feel the difference.

  • Anti ageing formula: Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, which is an anti oxidant and fights free radicals that cause ageing. Squeeze lime into a bowl. Add a glass of boiled whole milk and a teaspoon of glycerin to it. Stir well and let it stay for half an hour. Apply this mixture on the face, hands and feet before going to bed at night. This treatment every night will help you to look young and beautiful.

  • Anti acne and pimples: Lemon oil mixed with glycerin is applied to eruption of acne. Fresh rind of lemon when rubbed on skin treats acne.

  • To improve a dull and greasy complexion: Mix half teaspoon of limejuice with one teaspoon of cucumber juice and a few drops of rose water. Apply on the face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes. Remove with water.

  • Eczema: Fresh rind of lemon when rubbed on skin treats eczema.

  • Sunburn: Lemon oil mixed with glycerin when daily applied prevents and heals sunburn.

  • Tired eyes: Mix lemon juice to shredded cucumber and apply on eyes to get cooling and relieving effect.

  • Freckles: Mix powdered almonds, grinded peel of lemon and fresh papaya fruit in a bowl and apply on face for few minutes till it dries. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat regularly to see results.

  • Dandruff: Rub lemon on scalp and leave it overnight. Wash hair the next day. This cures dandruff.

  • Warts and tumors: A local application made of lime juice 5 parts, impure carbonate of potash 4 parts, copper sulphate 3 parts and borax 4 parts is useful for warts and tumors.

  • Tanning: Fresh rind of lemon when rubbed on skin removes tanning.


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