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Role of Vastu as Medicine for Health

Dr. V.P. Bansal

By balance of 5 elements, 7 colour and 12 channels of Bio energy, Vastu can help a lot in prevention of disease and maintainenance of normal health.

Human being is in continuous contact with environment, certain things are good for health and many are bad for health. We have our Aura, 12 channels for energy flow, various system of organs and vital principle.

Einstein has said E = MC2. Each and every particle emits radiation and absorbs radiation.

Thus every matter affects cells, tissues, organ systems, energy flow aura and ultimately human body.

We have five elements (Panch Tatve) in nature. They are responsible for health and disease.
Colour therapy, sun therapy, temperature maintenance, balance of bio-energy and five elements are essential for treatment of human beings in Vastu.


Earth element is essential for telluric energy and earthing. Due to constant use of artificial material we are getting neurological diseases such as tremors, Parkinsons disease etc.

Earth element is also polluted due to industrialization, cutting of plants, excess use of plastic (Non biological degradable product) and improper sanitation.

Thus earth element itself is not as healthy as it used to be.


Body contains 80% water and earth contains 79% water. Water is useful in medicine as hydrotherapy.
  • Four glasses of water every morning for constipation.
  • Plenty of water for prevention and treatment of kidney stone.
  • Bath for prevention of body from infection.
  • Swimming for disc prolapse and obesity
  • Pitta, acidity and temperature regulation.
  • We can live without food for months but can’t live without water for many days
But now water is also polluted. Following are few examples:
  • Surface Water
  • Underground Water
  • Drinking water stored in plastic bottles is harmful for body than ordinary water.
  • Most of the manufacturers are mixing preservatives in water and filling it in plastic container. Is bitter in taste and harmful to vital organs like liver, kidney etc. It is our duty to protect water from getting polluted. Water kept in copper container is responsible for acidity and kept in silver pot or Earth pot is useful to treat PITTA and Acidity.


Represents heart and temperature. Naturally Sun is biggest source of fire for our planet. We get energy from sun, called solar energy. In our kitchen in old days wood was source of fire but now replaced by L.P.G.

Fire element in body is represented by PITTA. When fire element is in deficient in environment, humans get diseases like asthma, tonsillitis, sinusitis, arthritis, obesity, hypothyroidism, increased cholesterol and lethargy.
When fire element is excess it leads to jaundice, acidity, peptic ulcer, gray hair and skin disease.

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