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Role of Vastu as Medicine for Health

Dr. V.P. Bansal

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Each and every cell of our body requires oxygen for respiration. Without air no animals or human beings can survive on the earth.

With development, air pollution is increasing. Automobile and industries are mainly responsible for air pollution. As we all know that plant requires CO2 for photosynthesis and they gives us O2 as by the products. If we have equilibrium between number of plant and animal / human beings, then we can maintain balance of CO2 and O2.


We can hear only due to space element. Our telecommunication, aeroplane, satellites all are working due to space element. Now we are also producing pollution in space. Air and space combine to form VAT DOSH OF AYURVED. When VAT is deranged it leads to arthritis, constipation, belching, insomnia, tremors, headache, restlessness, impatience and many neurological disorders.


We have 7 colours. Red, orange and yellow are hot colours while, indigo, blue and violet are cool colours. We can make a balance of health with balance of colours.

Bio Energy

Balance of bio energy in our body is health and imbalance of Bio energy is disease. Basic concept of Vastu is to balance bio energy which is flowing in 12 channels of human body. In healthy person energy in 12 channels are in balance. Thus with help of balance of five elements, colour and bio energy of our 12 channels we can prevent diseases and can treat them as well.

According to Chinese acupuncture and acupressure in human body there are 12 channels for flow of energy. These channels are inter connected to each other. The deeper (centripetal) organ is YIN and centrifugal organ is YAN. All YIN channel either start from chest or end at the chest. The young cells of body emit radiation (energy) and they send their energy to chest area. From chest area it is used by centripetal channel to deeper organs and by centrifugal channel to periphery. Normally all 6 YIN and 6 YAN channels are in balance. Environmental stress, genetic causes, exciting causes and maintaining causes can imbalance their energy flow by blockage in any channel and ultimately it leads to energy imbalance and diseases. Vastu as a medicine can avoid environmental imbalance. Also by avoiding exciting cause and maintaining causes it will ultimately help in balance of energy in 12 channels and result in normal health.

In conclusion by balance of 5 elements, 7 colour and 12 channels of Bio energy, Vastu can help a lot in prevention of disease and maintainenance of normal health.

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