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Aloe Vera

Dr. Piyush Mathur

This medicinal plant dates back 6,000 years, and has been in use for all that time for a varied number of problems.

Aloe vera is a succulent herb from the Aloe family (with 400 different species). Its thick leaves contain the water supply for the plant to survive long periods of drought. These leaves have a high capacity of retaining the water also in very warm and dry climates.

Aloe vera contains two active compounds that are useful in controlling blood sugar and hence it is used by hyperglycemic patients.

As a food supplement Aloe Vera improves liver function, aids in blood and lymph circulation, as well as kidney, liver and gall bladder function.

The juice of leaves of Aloe Vera is soothing to digestive tract irritation, such as colitis and peptic ulcers. It naturally alkalises digestive juices to prevent over acidity — a common cause of indigestion. Aloe contains at least three anti-inflammatory fatty acids that are helpful for the stomach, small intestine and stomach. It helps cleanse the digestive tract by exerting soothing and balancing effect. Though in large doses it might cause purgation.

Aloe vera reduces inflammation, pain, swelling and redness and accelerates wound healing. This property is attributed to aspirin like chemical structure present in aloe vera that reacts with magnesium and accelerates wound healing.

Aloe vera keeps the skin supple exerting anti- infective, anti-microbial effect on pimples and acne. It also cures dry and weeping eczema. It has a moisturizing effect on skin and prevents suntan and burn during sun exposure. It also prevents melanin outgrowth thereby keeping skin clean and complexion clear.

In 1982, several studies compared Aloe to Prednisolone and Indomethacin (common antinflammatory drugs) and were found to be as effective as the drugs without the long-term toxicity and side effects. This also explains why Aloe is effective treatment for arthritis, colitis, ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions, and many inflammatory conditions of the digestive system. Aloe juice has also been effective in allergic reactions, acid indigestion, and in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Aloe vera is used by many a dentist to heal gum abrasions caused at the site of periodontal surgery. A direct application of paste on abrasions caused due to toothbrush, toothpicks or sharp foods promotes healing. Extraction sites after tooth extraction respond more promptly to aloe vera paste and dry sockets do not develop. Acute mouth lesions like canker sores or mouth ulcers or cracks occurring at corner of lips respond effectively to direct application of paste of Aloe.

Other Properties of Aloe Vera
  • Natural cleanser and detoxifier;
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain;
  • Dilates capillaries, increasing circulation;
  • Breaks down dead tissue and enhances normal cell growth and hastens healing;
  • Antipruritic, Antibacterial and Anti fungal;
  • Anti-inflammatory; antipyretic, reduces heat of sores;
  • Eliminates excessive water from tissue:
  • Reduces or eliminates scarring;
  • Regenerates hair follicles and heals seborrhoea;
  • Aids digestion;
  • Settles nerves and calms the nervous system;
  • Treats bleeding gums;
  • Normalizes metabolism and regulates blood sugar;
  • Boosts the immune system;
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system and intestinal walls;
  • Enables better assimilation, absorption and elimination of food
  • Natural provider of 13 vitamins, 13 minerals, 24 amino acids, 16 enzymes, 4 essential fatty acids and 7 essential amino acids.

How to make a paste of Aloe Vera?

To make a salve of Aloe Vera, peel the leaf, remove its thin outer skin and process the leaf in a mixer. Add 500 units of vitamin C powder and refrigerate.



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