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Female Infertility-Vandhyatv

Dr. K. y. Iyer

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About 1 in 10 couples suffer from infertility. In about 40% of the cases, the cause in found in the woman, in about 40% in man and rest 20% in both. In woman the problem may be related to failure to ovulate, blockage of fallopain tubes, hormonal disturbances or defects of the uterus. In men, causes include defective sperm production, blockage of the ejaculatory ducts or inability to ejaculate. There may be discorders of the seminal fluid or the cervical mucus that prevent the sperms from reaching the ovum in the tube.

General factors

  • Advanced age
  • Infrequent inter****se
  • Lack of knowledge of coital technique and timing of coitus to utilize the fertile period
  • Anxiety and apprehension
  • Use of lubricants during an inter****se, which may be spermicidal
  • Immunological factors

Physiological infertility

Before puberty and after menopause a female is infertile though pregnancy might occur before menarche and within a few months of menopause in a few cause. Conception is not possible during pregnancy and while the mother is fully lactating.

Conditions for fertility

  • Healthy spermatozoa should be deposited high in the vag***
  • Spermatozoa should penetrate into the uterine cavity and thence into the uterine tubes
  • The ovum finds its way into the uterine tube where it can be fertilized by a spermatozoon
  • The fertilized ovum migrates into the uterus and the endometrium must be in a state, suitable for the nidation and subsequent development.


    General Principle:
  • Use of balya (strength providing) medicines.
  • Performing oleation, sudation, emesis, purgation, asthapan and anuwasan enema in consecutive order man is given milk and ghrita medicated with sweet balya herbs and women should be given oil and urad dals etc.
  • Anuwasan Vasti is also helpful in cases of ammenorhea, scanty menstruation, non-ovulation or useless ovulation, women with repeated history of abortions, short lived children etc.
  • Specific Treatment:
  • Nasal instillation of lakshmana herb cooked in cow’s milk results in conception.
  • Use of Narayana oil for nasal instillation, complete body massage, oral intake (5ml) with milk and enema.
  • Use of Satpushpa oil for nasal instillation, complete body massage, and enema.
  • Use Bala oil fort enema.
  • Use of balaadi, chandanadi, draksadi, khandakadi and punarnavadi powders are beneficial for conception.
  • Use of lakshmana with milk is also helpful.
  • Milk medicated with Ashwagandha I also of great help
  • Use of seeds of matulunga boiled in milk on the last day of menses leads to conception.
  • Use of laghu phal ghrita or phal ghrita is also useful
  • Use of pugpak helps in treating any gynecological error.













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