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Atisar - Diarrhea in children

Dr. Rajeev Garg

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    Lab investigation:
  • Macroscopic and Microscopic examination of stool
  • Blood investigation
  • Oral rehydration therapy. Give child more fluid than usual to prevent dehydration. Give the child of age under 2 years a teaspoonful of ORS every 1-2 minute. If the child vomits wait for 10 minutes and then continue ORS but slowly. For an older child give frequent sips from a cup for an older child.
  • Continue br**st feeding if child is on mothers feed only
  • Continue extra food supplement, starchy food, cereals, pulses and vegetables.
  • Fresh fruits and mashed banana to provide calcium
  • Advise coconut water, buttermilk, rice water, kanji, lemon water.
  • Prevention:
    • Maintain cleanliness
    • Use clean containers
    • Avoid food exposure to dust, flies and cockroaches
    • Wash hands properly before doing any work pertaining baby
    • Use boiled water for children
    • Vegetables and fruits should be washed and peeled before being fed to child
    • Proper sanitation and toilet facilities
    • Maintain br**st feed
    • Supplement food with energy rich food mixtures
  • Treat symptomatically in cases of vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, distension and cramps and convulsions etc.
Oral rehydration therapy- home made solution: 6-8 teaspoons of sugar (40 gms sugar) mixed with 1 teaspoonful of common salt with or without lemon in one litre of water.

State of patient
Stool is watery,
spreads quickly,
and drowns in
water. The stool
is expelled out of
body with some
Stool passes slowly in less quantity but frequency of passing the stool increases. It is associated with pricking pain around the anal region and lower abdomen. Flatulence is also associated
with froth
Stool is passed in less quantity along with sound. Pain similar to as if being cut by scissors
is felt in lower abdomen and rectal region. Breathing becomes heavy and deep.
Yellow, bluish along
Burning along the
rectal region, foul
smelling and loose
Nausea, thirst, burning sensation although the body and anal pain
White, thick and mucoid
Stool is cold to touch
but foul smelling
Fatigue,body ache,lethargy, nausea.
White, mucoid
Stool is sticky and is
like fat deposits
Pain all-round the abdomen and rectal region,
Dry and frothy
Stool passes slowly in less quantity but frequency of passing the stool increases.It is associated with pain

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