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Dr. Preeti Dass

In ancient Rome Heliotherapy or rays of the sun and their various colors were used to remedy several diseases and ailments. The use of rays of sun to cure diseases is called Heliotherapy. Helio means sun and pathy means system of cure. Through sun bathing one can effect a cure without having to resort to medicines. But unfortunately humans are failing to benefit from this science

Time to Take Sunbath

  • The early morning is the best time for sunbathing. At this time one may enjoy longer exposure without the depressing influence of intense heat.
  • The late afternoon is also a good time for sunbathing.
  • Site for sunbath:
  • Balconies, flat-roofs, apartment house roofs, open verandas, a sunny place in the garden or park, offer splendid sunbathing spots. The beach and secluded spots in the country offer possibilities for sunbathing.

How to Take Sunbath?

  • One can take this kind of sun bath when the heat is mild. Spread a bed-sheet on the ground and lie down on it, wearing minimum clothes for sometime, but covered with a thin dry cloth or shawl, till he gets well warmed.
  • The patient may have regard to the principle of non-violence and begin with 15 minutes of sunbathing and gradually increasing it upto 40 minutes. After this the skin surface should be wiped clean with a nearly dry cloth and a trunk bath or a spinal bath should follow

Sun and its Role in Indian Vedas

Sunrays purify the air and destroy the microbes present in the atmosphere and the water. The ancient Rishis used to worship the sun and realized that sunrays could help one regain lost health. Through the sunrays even chronic and old ailments could be cured permanently. Many a verses in Vedas are dedicated to the sun. The Gayatri Mantra hat appears in the Vedas is a prayer to the sun god. In this Mantra a worshipper prays to sun to bestow intelligence. Rigveda states - All living beings of the creation depend on the sun. The sun removes physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses and makes one healthy and long-lived. For ailments of the heart, eyes, jaundice, leprosy and weak mind sun could be helpful.

Riju Marteshu Drijinaa Cha Pashchan (Rigved)

The sun is a witness to all good and bad actions of humans

The sun has been called the soul of the living as well as the non-living world. It is said -

Soorya Aatmaa Jagatast- asthushashcha
Sooryataapah Swed- avahah Sarvarog-vinaashakah.
Medachhed-karashcheiv balotsaah-vivardhanah.
Dadruvisfotkushtthgrah Kaamlaashoth-naashakah.
Jwaraatisaarshoolaanaam Haarako Naatra Sanshayah.
Kafpittodbhavaan Rogaan Vaatrogaanst-theiv cha.
Tatsevanaanaro Jitva Jeevechch Sharadaam Shatam.

i.e. The heat from the sun increases perspiration and removes all ailments. It also enhances body power and enthusiasm. It cures all kinds of skin ailments, leprosy, jaundice, inflamm- ation, fever, diarrhea, pain and all other that caused due to vitiation of vata, pitta and kapha. Through sunray therapy a person could attain victory over all diseases and become long lived.

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