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Live Better Through Ayurveda

Dr. Debasis Khan MD (Ay), Dr. B.C. Jana MD (Ay) Phd.

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  • Samsodhan : (Systemic Bio. Purification): Samsodhan or purification is a group of treatments, five in number, which are prescribed in healthy individual, in diseases and prior to administration of rejuventive and virilizing. This therapy eliminates, cleansing the blockage channel’s and improves transportation leg which doshas come back to their original places to perform normal functions. It consists of three subsection i.e.
  • Poorva-Karma (Pachan, Snehau & Sevedan),
  • Pradhan Karma (Vaman, Virechan, Vasti, Nasya and Raktamoksham) and
  • Pashachat karma i.e. Sansarjan Kmam or a special diet regimen has to be followed after main bio. purification therapy.
  • Rasayana : (Rejuv- enatsive measures): Refers to the therapy that establishes youthfulness, enhances life span, intelellect, physical strength and immunity. Literally it means Bio-nutrition. According to mode of use it is of two types i.e. Kuti Pravesnik and vatatopik and as per utility it is three types i.e. Kamaya Rasayan, Namittiak Rasayana and Ajasnik Rasayam. It is one of the best contributions of Ayurveda.

Mental Quality

Mind or manas is the instrument with which are think economy, physical and physiological need, mental nutrition, avoidance of sahasa, with hold of mental urges, Achar Rashayan, Practice of yoga and Satisfaction etc. are the devices for good mental quality.

S*x**l Quality of Life

For s*x**l quality a specialized discipline has mentioned in Ayurveda known as vajikaran. It is a special concept to promote s*x**l life of a healthy person as well as that of a se***lly. Weak person, Proceation and Recreation etc. are the two objectives of s*x**l life according to Ayurveda. Vajikaran agents consists of
  • Drugs: That helps in Spermatogenesis, Promotes retention power, aphrodisiac and improves the quality of Semev.
  • Diets
  • Adjuvants
  • Psychological factors etc. Kasapa samhiha clearly mentioned that relax mind, creative, broad hearted and useful of the family and society.

Social Quality of Life

For social quality Ayurveda has advocated sadavrlta. It is nothing but some ethics or conducts relating to diotic intake, natural urges, relation with ladies, regarding study self-control etc. So such education will not only improve the physical, mental and spiritual health of an individual but also of the society as a whole and render the happy and healthy life while living in the world and even after death.

Regarding Past and Present Life Style.

There is a lot of difference between past and present life, past life style were joint family, children were among other children, share their everything, home made food etc. But present life style is with nuclear family children are alone Fast food, cold and created drinks, engaged in computer and video games. selfish altitude etc.

Future Message and Conclusion

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system. It helps us to recognise the correct way to live and to overcome special problems of our life. It is not a pathy we wrongly interpreted this science of medicine as pathy this science their reaction to their environment. Ayurveda gives maximum emphasis to quality and strictly follow the samadaskara or processing. There are certain principles which can be adopted from birth to death like Garbhini & Sisuparicharya, Swastha vritta, Somesodhan, Rasayama, Vajikaran and Sadabritta then better physical, mental s*x**l and social quality of life can be alhiened.

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