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Home Remedies

Dr. Mukul Anand

Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.

Prevention from headache due to scorching heat in summers: extract ice out of fresh amla. To this add rose water for essence and taste. Also add sugar syrup to make it sweet. A glass of this before leaving the house and after coming from work prevents adverse effects of heat.

Cholera: Make small tablets of tulsi seed powder with black pepper powder. Gulp with water every three hours. Tulsi (holy basil) acts as a prophy- lactic in cases of epidemic diseases. A dose of one tola (almost 12 gms) a day in divided doses acts good to prevent during an epidemic

Scurvy- a disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin C in which a patient suffers from bleeding gums and teeth. Half a tablespoon of onion juice along with a pinch of salt if taken thrice a day heals and prevents scurvy.

Hair fall- in case of excessive hair fall and brittle hair wash hair with sour Dahi, that in kept for 2- 3 days. Curd makes the hair softer and brings back the shine in them.

Excessive va***nal discharge- drink juice of radish and its leaves thrice a day for almost 15 days. The alkaline nature of radish combats the acidic discharge and helps to cure the condition. Ensure the cause of excessive discharge.

Hiccoughs : In hiccoughs that fail to stop take nasal inhalation of 5 gms haldi (turmeric) burnt with 5gms urad dal (black gram).

Hing (asafetida) is also useful if hiccoughs become irritating .3-4 gms of hingvashtak churn with honey or water controls hiccoughs.

Kidney Stone: 5 gms of powder of anjir fruit (fruit of fig tree) if taken thrice a day helps to dispel small kidney stones .

Indigestion: Fry hing (asafetida) 1 part. To this add rock salt 2 parts and take this with Ajwain 1 part this improves digestion, and prevents constipation.

Constipation due to adverse eating habits: take a glass of luke warm water to which add saindhav namak, kala namak and half a lemon. Drink this preparation early in morning.

Cholera : Along with the preparation of holy basil seeds make a decoction of the following ingredients. Powder 5 leaves of peppal tree, 3 gms clove, 5 gms sonth (died ginger) and 10 gms dalchini {cinnamon}. Boil all the ingredients in half a litre water. Boil till one forth left, sieve and store in a bottle. Take 2 spoons every 15 minutes.

Cataract- a few drops of fresh lemon juice put early morning into the eye of old men nearing 60-70 years, dissolves cataract, and, makes the eyesight clear day by day.




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