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How to Live Long?

Dr. Shiv Dua

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Cells and Glands

We have crores of minute cells in our body. These cells are made of water and food we take. The life of cells depends upon our digestion and assimilation. These cells go on multiplying and result in cellular tissues. Once the tissues are formed, the parent cells die. Their remains or debris are essentially to be removed or otherwise these will create a hurdle to the flow of blood. A hurdle in flow of blood means that the organs will receive less of nourishment from the blood. They will feel weak and the limbs will start shrinking. This is the sign of old age. The dead cells have to be removed by resorting to mild exercise and by directing mobility to our limbs. Exercise means contraction and relaxation of the limbs and this sort of action will make the dead cells move out of body through urine, sweat or excreta. On glands, we know that they supple us various types of secretions needed for food assimilation. Secretions are less when the ageing occurs but to make them active and perform properly, muscular activity has to be intensified. The food taken is absorbed or assimilated by the body properly if it is not thrown out of drainage system. If the mobility and activity of body is maintained, the food taken will be absorbed properly. The glands have to be strengthened when ageing starts, which may be any time between 40 to 55 years of age. At forty, people get knotty, if not naughty . It is at this age that a discipline has to be maintained in exercise and frequency in s*x**l acts. It is at this age that a balance between weight and diet has to be right. It is again at this age that people should start thinking that they are still young or old age will capture them soon.


After retirement, you should chalk out a programmer and a way of daily routine life so that it is-enjoyable. Make friends with the like-minded persons who are willing to give you company for your morning and evening walks. Arrange outings to the nearest picnic spots, entertainment resorts or temples with your friends. In your habits, include standing erect and walking straight. Do not avoid the young generation-and try to be in their company for a while. Never curse the old age. Old age is a sign of wisdom. Showing this wisdom, open your mouth only when your speech is going to benefit others. Life is full of tensions and every moment we are under stress. Tensions have to be seen in different way. We should change our reaction to tensions. It there is no reaction to tensions, we shall be able to find solutions. Write worries on a piece of paper and solutions written. This time, there will be more easy solutions. If you are determined to live long, you can definitely live long. Never feel the burden of age, think positive in all attitudes and longevity is yours.

The Golden Rules to Achieve Longevity

  • Keep yourself busy even after retirement: Continue to grow new areas of hobbies, new areas of living (change of station at times) and try to be in company of someone to avoid loneliness.
  • Feel young. It is not the body that gives birth to thoughts but it is the thought, which makes the body. Be determined that you will live long and you will. You have countless divine power in your conscious. Utilize this power and have faith in God. Inhale fresh air and bask in the early sun light of the morning. Do whatever exercise you like to enough contraction and relaxation in your body muscles.
  • Leave all addictions. Leave smoking and drinking or chewing tobacco etc. Drink lot of water and balanced food. Take vitamin B complex and vitamin A tablets regularly under the advise of doctor besides taking nutrients in food.
  • Eat less and eat timely. Chew the food properly and clean the teeth with toothpick after every meal. Avoid too much of salt too much of sweets.
  • Be strict vegetarian. Take curds and milk everyday and keep the bowels clear. Observe a meal fast every week and eat plenty of fruits on the fast day.
  • Observe celibacy after the age of fifty.
  • Speak truth to avoid tensions of lies.
  • Do not get involved in affairs of others and keep a distance from police and courts. Do not interfere in the matters of children and younger generation. No advice be given till sought from you.
  • Do not walk fast and forget about hurry and worries. Avoid entering crowded places without a company and fix your timing for a morning and evening walk.
  • Consult the doctor immediately when not feeling well.

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