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Reiki: A Blessed Science

Dr. A.R. Murti

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Reiki for Stress Release and Self-development

A recent study on global patterns of disease and injury’, by Harvard University says that depression is set to sweep the world as the second largest cause of disability and death around the year 2000.

The aspiration and the extent to which man would like to see them fulfilled has peaked. Most of us live with the problems of never reaching the goal as we keep moving the goal posts of our desires. It makes us feel like losers even though we may be material and status winners. It causes ill health, disease and unhappiness.

Reiki helps you achieve your objectives without the accompanying stress and tension. It gets you in touch with your inner self, there is progressive self development and growth that gives each man not only material comfort but also physical fitness, mental relaxation, happiness and inner peace.

Reiki for Conscious Managers

An external material organisation, whatever its degree of preparation, is unable to ensure performance of the people. Any system, any management tool is only as effective as the people who use it. All systems are in fact tools. The skill of ensuring the efficacy of any system is people dependent. It is the people who are generators of power within any system. The strength of the people will tell you the output of the power (success) and the outreach of that power (profits and identity). The efficacy of a manager is like the con­version ratio of an engine. The quality of his thoughts determines the quality of his actions. It is the ability of the manager to harness and inject his full potential into the process and the system that ensures results.

Reiki enables every manager to translate his thoughts into action, knowledge into performance. Reiki brings about inner transformation in the people by putting them in touch with themselves, empowering them from within and then unleashing their power by releasing the unmanifested intrinsic potential strength of every manager into productive performance. This energy is limitless and can be tapped and channeled to achieve growth and development in every sphere of human life-personal, social and professional.

Reiki for Organisation

In the face of the changing needs of the new age, various successful organisations are crumbling. The ‘magic potion’ is surely a ‘system’. This system is not the system talked about in management circles the qualified personnel or the state of art machinery, the cutting edge of technology or judicious financial planning. Only a live wire system that connects all the elements and orchestrates them into symphony can take them to a crescendo of success.

Reiki takes the people and the resources of your organisation beyond the confines of their ability and into the paradigm of inter ability. Inter ability is a process that translates thought into actions, resources into results, academic qualifications into performance and capital into profits. Every interaction is a transaction, an action that embodies a flow of energy in all the interactions.

Reiki creates the harmony between the vibrations of men within the material resources and the cosmic vibrations outside. When the vibrations are in harmony, the energy of all the inputs converges into for­ward focussed growth and success. Reiki facilitates the continuous flow of limitless energy of existence, propelling the oragnisation beyond the limits of exhaustible material resources into the realms of sustained development and growth.

To help you make a transition into the New Age, taking away the unsetting feeling, the stress, the tension, the anxiety, the despair that comes along with change. I invite you to join the Reiki family and embark on a journey of sharing and growth.

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