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Mother & Child Care

Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan

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Sutila Paricharya

(Care during postpartal Period and lactation)

Diet - Immediately after the delivery of the child, a woman is advised to be on salt free diet for three days, after which salt intake in moderate amount is allowed. For a month she is asked to consume boiled water and resort to internal oleation by consuming adequate quantities of health-friendly fats such as ghee and selected vegetable oils. This indication is to ensure smooth evacuation of bowel and relief from muscular aches and/or stiffness of limbs besides adequate nutrition. She is also advised to take appetizers and galactogogues.

A detailed description of diseases and measures of their management in post partum period like hemorrhage, fever, br**st congestion, br**st abscess and impurities of milk along with their treatment is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts.

Total expulsion of placenta after delivery is claimed to be essential lest its retention leads to complications like secondary infection, abscess formation, severe hemorrhage and damage to uterus and fallopians. Placental retention (if not diagnosed and attended to immediately after labor) results into persistent attacks of pain/spasm in lower abdomen, foul smelling lochia, feverishness and prostration. Attending physician/gynecologist in such cases should recommend the intake of emmenagogue decoction containing cotton seeds, black sesame, black cumin, dill seeds etc. Sometimes, local fumigation by burning snake skin or Himalayan berch leaves 2-3 times a day or, occasionally, even manual removal under full precaution within a week of labour.

Immediate procedure after delivery
  • Immediately after delivery, a clean cloth should be tied around the abdomen. This keeps the lax abdominal muscles in proper position and also helps to subdue the sagging of abdominal skin later on.
  • Hot fomentation by sitz bath in a tub filled with medicated oils. This helps in cleansing and smoothening of internal and external genitalia.
  • Atmospheric cleansing with the help of fumigation.
  • Advise of eating hot porridge (Khichari) combination of boiled rice and lentils (easy to digest and at the same time nourishing).
  • For first five days after delivery the woman should take light diet like soups prepared from black grams and green grams.
  • From sixth day onwards, she should take internal oleation therapy by including ghee/good oils in food recipes.
  • From seventh to tenth day, soups prepared from lentils should be taken along with long pepper, garlic powder, and ghee.
  • Start routine food after 10th day; ensure that food is light.
Up to one month after delivery, the woman should take bath with hot water; she should regularly take hot fomentation and internal oleation to avert pelvic inflammatory disorders. Further recommendations comprise of the powders of Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari) and Withania somnifera (Ashwangadha) which are excellent galactogogues, with boiling milk to ensure good.

Navjat Shishu Paricharya

(Immediate Care Of A New Born)

As soon as the child is born, its mouth, nostrils and ears have to be cleaned using sterile cotton dipped in Ghrita and rock salt. Umbilical cord is cut from the length of about 8 inches and tied tightly with a long clean thread lifting it up towards the chest to avoid secondary infection and, after sprinkling turmeric powder, the umbilical stub in covered with a clean thin cloth. Emphasis is given on cutting the umbilical cord with the scissors of different metals in different socio-economic groups. Cutting the umbilical cord should be with metals like gold, silver, copper or iron, preferentially for warrior, intellectual, business and labour class people respectively. It is presumed that, the release of micro ionic components from different hot metals enter the blood stream of the new-born during the cord cutting process and help bestow the attributes like chivalry, wisdom, business acumen and physical strength.

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