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Mother & Child Care

Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan

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After properly cleaning the body, a child is given bath with warm water treated with cardamom, cinnamon, etc., or mild decoction of the barks of different trees like wood apple. This water is further fortified by dipping hot gold and silver rods when it is hot, to enhance the health promoting properties.

This combination of honey and Ghee along with the calx or leaves of gold in very small quantities is given three times a day from the first day of birth. Second day onwards, ghee medicated with immunomodulator herbs can also be given. From third day onwards, milk should be given to the child, starting from twice a day on the first day of feeding. Administration of honey, Ghee and gold calx may continue for 1-6 months. It is believed that the administration of such combinations help enhance the mental faculties; improve appetite/metabolic activities and build immunological strength. It ensures longevity and is free from side effects; protects from evil forces; improves complexion/ skin glow; promotes physical growth; and regulates body temperature.

Further stated that, a month of gold administration ensures protection against all infantile problems and if administered further till sixth month, the user child gets the attribute of almost a photographic memory with no chance of forgetting what is heard/ learnt.

The clothes of the child should be made of very soft material like, used cotton or silk. Even the bed cover and blanket of the child should be made of silk clothes. Bed covers and bed sheets should be changed and washed every day and dried in sunlight to make them germ free, and thereby preventing contagious diseases.

Cotton piece dipped in oil should be kept on the child’s anterior fontanelle (bregma). Environmental cleanliness in and around the mother and child is considered to be very important. This could be achieved by fumigating the room with the mustard seeds etc. This also acts as an insecticide and helps in making the atmosphere hygienic.

It is also recommended to name the child as early as possible to provide him/ her the right identity. On tenth or any other suitable day, after choosing an auspicious hour, the arents should carry out holy rituals and conduct naming ceremony of the child.

Stanya Dushti

(Lactational Disorders)

Mother’s milk surpasses substitutes in all the qualities. Therefore care should be taken that the lactating mother gets adequate amount of milk secretion, so that the infant gets nutritious diet. One should suspect inadequacy of the br**st milk or some kind of vitiation in mother’s milk if the infant does not thrive well; is thin and lean, constipated or, passes less quantity of urine.


Intake of indigestible or incompatible food or those articles which tend to derange the physiological functions aggravates the normal biological forces and vitiate the mother’s milk.

The deranged biological forces (Doshas) in turn eventually reach the br***ts and renders the milk either distasteful, frothy, discolored, un-unctuous, bad smelling, heavy or slimy. Inadequate lactation is considered as one of the major lactational disorders resulting into malnutrition.

Inadequate love and affection, sorrowful state of mind, inadequate rest and sleep, diet devoid of nutritious recipes and br**st abscess etc can also cause inadequate lactation.


  • Happy state of mind, adequate rest and sleep.
  • Nutritious diet with predominantly sweet and salty taste and having soothing effects on the body and tissues is important for increasing the formation of br**st milk.
  • Meat, ghee, oil, wines and plenty of fluids including milk help to increase the quantity of br**st milk.
  • Processed milk (Kheer), or drink medicated with Musali (Asparagus adscendens), Ajamoda (Carum roxbur- ghianum), Methi (Fenugreek) and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa) increase milk secretion.
  • Shatavari ghrita, Ashwagandha ghrita and Ashwagandha lehya.

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