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Mother & Child Care

Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan

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Dhoopan Karma - Fumigation

Special Efforts For Environmental Care

As discussed in the foregoing, the fumigation or Dhoopan methods are mainly aimed at sterilizing the environment. Some of the Dhoopan Yogas are claimed to have vitalizing, enlivening and invigorating properties too. Dhoopan is served generally by burning a combination of drugs of herbal, animal and mineral origin in or near the place where young babies are kept. They release medicated fumes and sterilize the air for prophylactic and curative purposes.

Drugs used for dhoopan in children are different gums and oleo-resins like bedellium, cedar-gum, lacca; valerian bark; lappa root; sweet flag; margosa leaves; basil leaves; sandalwood; and animal products like snake skin, hairs, horns, dried excreta and nails of different animals.

Surprisingly, according to Acharya Kashyapa, the authority in ayurvedic Paediatrics, fumigation is not only for environmental cleaning and thus ensuring better protection from bacterial or viral diseases but, many other results are also seen, such as:
  • Kumara dhupa - helps growth & development.
  • Rakshoghna dhupa - prevents from infections
  • Shishuka dhupa - curative & preventive from infections
  • Brahma dhupa - boosts intellectual functions.
  • Gana dhupa - treats diseases of unknown aetiology

Balya Chikitsa in Alpabala Children

(Immunomodulation In Physically Weak Babies)

Kashyap samhita, a great treatise on paediatrics has highlighted the aspects of malnutrition in children. It has been advised to subject the child to certain regimen of nourishment with the use of certain formulations known as "Lehana Yogas". It has been enumerated that the child who is not satisfied even after br**st feeding; who keeps on crying all the time; who doesn’t sleep comfortably; who eats excessively; in whom excretion of urine and stool is less in quantity; who has excessive hunger; who is weak in constitution inspite of being normal otherwise; who is constipated; whose mother lacks in lactation; has recently delivered a child; had difficulties during labour; is diseased; suffers from decrease of Kapha dosha and increase of Vata and Pitta dosha is indicated for such kind of regimen.

To keep the child healthy, to increase its immunity and to prevent it from various ailments, it is subjected to various medicines (either herbal or herbo-minerals) mixed with honey known as Lehan. These formulations are the combinations of various fine powders which are mixed with honey just before administration and infants are made to lick them, hence the name ‘Lehana’.

Contraindications to the regular administration of these adaptogenic combinations are: a child who has subnormal appetite; who is drowsy; who excretes urine or stool in large amount; weak in constitution; suffering from indigestion; child of undernourished mother; child suffering from chronic E.N.T. disorders. Patients of chronic rheumatoid arthritis, fever, diarrhoea, jaundice, dropsy, anemia, cardiac problems, dyspnoea, cough, anorectal disorders, flatulence, nausea, vomiting and Graha Rogas should not be subjected to administration of Lehan Yogas without through investigation. These formulations should not be given immediately after meals and in bad climates.

Some well Known Lehan Regimens are as Follows

  • Powders of Gotukola, three myrobalans, fennel seeds, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Danti (Baliospermum), Nagbala (Sida) and Nisoth (Operculina) separately, with honey and ghee in unequal amount should be used for promoting intellect.
  • Traditional galenicals like: Abahayaghrita, Kalyanakghrita, Panchagavyaghrita, Brahmighrita should be administered.
  • Medicated ghee prepared by kuth (Costus root), sprouts of Banyan tree, white mustard, long pepper, Triphala, Vacha and rock salt is used for promoting digestive & metabolic functions besides good intellect.

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