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Leucorrhoea/Shvet Pradar

Dr. Preeti Dass

Any va***nal discharge associated with itching, burning or irritation should be investigated. Ayurveda prescribes symptomatic treatment for this condition.

Leucorrhoea, also known as white discharge, refers to the whitish discharge from the female genitals. It is an abnormal condition of the reproductive organs of women.

Leucorrhoea is not a disease but a symptom of lot many other diseases. But sometimes these symptoms become so severe that they overshadow the underlying cause and leucorrhoea itself enhances to a stature of disease.

Leucorrhoea may sometimes be present as without any apparent disorder. Probably this is the reason that the three major epics of ayurveda - Sushrut, Charka and Vaghbhatt have not used the term shvet pradar separately but have described it under the heading swet-srava and have prescribed a symptomatic treatment.

Physiological Va***nal Discharge

A physiological va***nal discharge is discharge of cervical and va***nal secretion, epithelial cells and bacterial flora. The normal pH ranges from 3.8 to 4.2. Physiological va***nal discharge is white, odorless and does not cause either itching burning or any other discomfort. The amount of discharge varies with day of menstrual cycle.


As mentioned earlier, since leucorrhoea is not itself a disease therefore, etiopathogenesis of the underlying disease is the etiopathogenesis of leucorrhoea too. Kapha, on being aggravated vitiates the reproductive system and produces white painless discharge.
Change in the character of discharge underlines different anomalies:
  • Leucorrhoea due to trichomonas va****lis infection usually occurs as a diffuse va****tis characterized by a thin, yellow green, frothy with a fecal odor discharge.
  • Thin va***nal discharge due to candida infection is white curd like with disagreeable odor.
  • Bacterial discharge is usually gray in color with odor.
  • Chlamydia causes mucopurulent discharge.


  • Paste of rohitak should be taken with water.
  • Paste of amla fruit should be taken with honey and sugar
  • Use of Nagkesar with butter milk followed by diet of only cooked rice cures leucorrhoea
  • Pradarantak lauh 250 mg twice daily
  • Kukutandtwak bhasm 250 mg twice daily
  • Praval bhasm 125 mg twice daily
  • Irrigate vag*** with decoction of stem bark of Lodhra chhal.
  • Ashokarisht 400 ml twice daily, with equal quantity of water, post meals
  • Lauh asav 400 ml twice daily, with equal quantity of water, post meals
  • Irrigate genitals with trifala decoction
  • Eat supari post meals


  • Avoid Use of pessaries
  • Avoid Use of tampons
  • Use of unhygienic sanitary pads
  • Avoid coitus with other partner
  • Avoid ora* *******tives

Common Symptoms

  • Usually the woman notices thick curdy white or thinner discharge.
  • The labia and vulva may be swollen and red.
  • The skin may be sensitive to touch and coition is severely painful sometimes.
  • Sometimes it may be white or yellow discharge that has an unpleasant fishy odor.
  • The discharge can be slight to excessive
  • Itching in labia and vag***
  • Low back pain
  • Malaise


The vag*** normally contains a certain amount of yeast and harmless bacteria, but if this balance is interrupted, the yeast may overgrow and cause inflammation of the vag***. Due to altered bacterial flora one gets va***nal infections easily.
  • Unhygienic conditions during menstrual cycle
  • Infection of the lower genital tract
  • Estrogenic or psychic stimulation
  • Estrogen depletion
  • Tumor
  • Infection due to pessaries, tampons
  • Irrigation with douches and




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