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Sun Tan

Dr. K.Y. Iyer

Prolonged exposure of the unprotected skin to the sun’s rays results in severe and painful burning. The body is well equipped with defenses against the sun and burning.

Prolonged exposure of the unprotected skin to the sun’s rays results in severe and painful burning. The body is well equipped with defenses against the sun and burning.


The bronzing or browning of the skin due to a deposit of pigment (melanin granules) around the nuclei of the epidermal and basal cells, following exposure to the rays of the sun, constitutes sun tanning. Pigment is the most important protecting mechanism by which the body prevents getting an overdose of sunshine.   Tanning (pigmentation) prevents the over-absorption of ultraviolet rays, and thus, prevents burning. The layer of pigment is the body’s barrier against the penetration of an excess of ultra-violet rays, and the more one is tanned, the less is the danger of light rays causing suffering.

It is customary to divide pigmentation into two types—instantaneous tanning and delayed tanning. The first develops almost immediately after exposure to sunlight; the other develops gradually and continues for several days after exposure to sunlight. The division seems to be unnecessary, as the two types of tanning are parts of the same process.

Tanning may range all the way from very light to almost black, depending on the amount of exposure to which one is subjected and one’s pigmenting ability.

Tips for Smooth Skin:

  • Splash your face with rose water as many times as possible
  • Cucumber juice can also be used for the same purpose.
  • Place a paper soaked in vinegar on site of hyper pigmentation and burn. This draws out the heat.
  • Grate potato and smear it on the burnt part. This relieves burning and fibrosis
  • Blend the sandalwood paste and rose water and apply on the skin. Both of them being cold in nature allow skin to breathe and hydrate the skin.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes so that your body gets enough air for the moisture or sweat to dry. This will completely eradicate prickly heat.
  • Have frequent baths to avoid any bacterial or germ growth due to sweat and secretion of other unwanted body fluids
  • Rub half a lemon on your face with a hint of sugar granules to remove dead cells and lighten a tan
  • Apply curd stored in refrigerator on skin, leave for few minutes and remove with cold water.
  • Honey water helps hydrating dry skin.
  • Make a habit of splashing your face gently with water.
  • Rub face with ice cubes at least once a day.
  • Apply juice of tomato or cucumber mixed with honey on face. Wash it off when dry
  • Rub coffee seeds on skin too exfoliate dead skin.
  • Rub mashed grapes on your skin for a soother look.
  • Grated carrot and mashed tomatoes also drain out excess oil from the body.

Herbs useful to Hydrate Skin in Summers

  • Almond Oil has smooth massaging action on the skin and helps repair degenerated dead skin cells and removes superficial hair
  • Aloes inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for skin discoloration. Aloes removes dead skin cells and stimulates formation of new cells, tightening of the skin, and making the skin look young. It is an effective moisturizer and helps in anti-aging, cleansing, and softening the skin
  • Haldi protects skin from atmospheric pollution, wrinkles
  • Bergamot oil is a powerful antiseptic and is excellent for sores. It increases photosensitivity of skin and is widely used in suntan preparations
  • Chaulmoogra rejuvenates and removes dead skin cells
  • Citrus peel is a very rich source of natural Vitamin C. It contains essential aromatic oil and is full of natural antioxidants. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal. It is used for both hair and skin treatments like scars, white skin patches, spots, acne, injuries, burns, stretch marks, wrinkles, sagging skin, hair fall, dandruff, split ends etc.
  • Widely used in aromatherapy and perfumes, Khus is a cooling agent, tonic, and blood purifier. It has a very cooling effect on the skin
  • Lemon oil is a very useful cleansing agent and has rejuvenating action on skin. It is used as a lotion in sunburn




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