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Absentee Healing with Reiki

Col. G. C. Narang

Absentee healing can be put to use when you cannot physically be with the person needing treatment, such as someone lying in hospital or living in a distant town. It is also a method which can immediately put to use when you are asked for treatment by letter or telephone.

It is not easy to believe that Reiki can be passed on to other people over a long distance. However, it is true.

We know today that our brains produce frequencies which differ according to the kind of brain activity causing them. Our thoughts are nothing other than vibratory patterns which are transmitted by our brains, they can be picked up by the right kind of receiver.

We are aware of that something is happening to a member of the family living far away. If this can happen with thoughts, why can it not happen with the healing energy of Reiki?

People who have never had a Reiki treatment at all will be skeptical about absentee healing at first. However, once they have had a "normal" treatment, they will usually open up in their attitude to this kind of experiment. Once you have arranged to treat a patient via the absentee method, it will be important to arrange a time when you will both have some peace and quiet. Like direct treatment, absentee healing should be carried out on four successive days. The recipient should not be active during the arranged time but should sit or, more preferably, lie down. Make a note of the time arranged and make sure that the recipient knows it, too. In case you do a lot of absentee healing, it will be necessary to plan your appointments conscientiously.

The results of absentee treatment are in no way inferior to those attained by the direct method, although patients will usually feel the effects of the latter more distinctly. In both cases, the energy will be the same. Many practitioners can feel the flow of Reiki energy in the various parts of the patient’s body when they are treating with the absentee method while others develop a very clear feeling of what is wrong with the patient and how treatment should be carried out.

One advantage of absentee healing will obviously be the fact that you do not need a special place to do it — a comfortable place to sit down will be all you need. Also, it does not take up much time as the "direct" method. Generally 15 to 20 minutes will suffice.

It won’t always be necessary but it will certainly do no harm for the patient to attune himself to the treatment while it is going on and let himself flow and be carried along by the stream of energy. You should never carry out an absentee treatment against the will of a person, however. Everybody has not only the right to be healthy but also to be ill, and it is our place to respect this. When two or more practitioners unite to send a patient Reiki over a distance, it will be advisable for him to lie down, because the effect can sometimes be very strong.




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