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The Pippal Story

Dr. Mukul Anand

Pippal tree is considered sacred in our country. Besides the sacredness the, tree has many medicinal benefits. Read all about the Pippal story.

Latin name : Ficus religiosa
Family : Moraceae
Common name : pippal
English name : Sacred Fig

Habitat: Found all over India

Macroscopic Identification

The rope-like hanging aerial roots are characteristic of the Indian fig tree. It is also called Vata, which is derived from the Dravidian word vatam ‘rope, cord’

Parts used: Root / Bark / Leaf / Fruit.

Pharmacological Action: laxative, refrigerant, alterative, purgative, astringent.

Properties and Action

Rasa : Kashya, madhur
Guna : Guru, ruksh
Virya : Sheet
Vipaka : Katu

Therapeutic Classification Index

  • Cardiovascular System: The bark of Ficus religiosa is soaked in water overnight. Filter it in the morning and take this water orally just after brushing the teeth. This keeps blood pressure within limits
  • Digestive System: Water in which the freshly burnt ashes of the bark have been steeped is said to cure obstinate cases of hiccup and stop vomiting sensation.
    Bark of pippal is useful in diarrhea and dysentery. Ripe fruit is useful in abdominal pain and constipation.
  • Skin: Spray the powder of dried bark of Ficus religiosa on the wound twice in a day till it cures. In diseases of skin due to impurities in blood such as eczema and leprosy, oil called Panch-Valkaladi thailam prepared from F. religiosa, F.bengalensis, F.glomerata, F.infectoria and Azadirachta indica is used locally.
    Milky juice is applied on cracked heels.
  • Respiratory System: Powder of dried fruit taken with water cures breathlessness and asthma.
  • Ear: Juice of pippal leaves is useful in pain in ears as local instillation. It is useful in Otorrhoea, Otalgia and earache due to idiopathic reasons.
  • Genito-Urinary System: Milk boiled with dried bark is a good aphrodisiac and powder of fruit is used in cases of infertility.
  • Musculoskeletal System: Decoction and powder of bark of peppal is useful in gout
  • Toothache: Grind the root of Ficus religiosa and make a paste, apply this paste on the aching tooth
  • Diabetes: Powder of bark and ripe fruit is useful in hyper glycemia i.e. high blood sugar.
  • Whooping Cough: Decoction of bark and powder of fruit is useful in children suffering from whopping cough.
  • Fistula and Fissure: Local application of powder of bark of pippal on fissures prevent bleeding.
Dose: Powder-125-500mg Fresh juice 10-20 ml

The Healing Effect

Spraying the powder of dried bark of pippal on the wound twice a day has a healing effect.


Grind the root of Pippal and make a paste. Apply this paste on the aching tooth. It will give you immediate relief.

Get Your B.P. within Limits

Soak the bark of Pippal in water overnight. Filter it in the morning and drink this water. It will keep your blood pressure in limits.

Heal the Heels

Milky juice of Pippal if applied on cracked heels heals them.




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