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Home Remedies

Dr. Mukul Anand

Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.

Relieve Your Cough

Take equal quantity of ginger, vasa, turmeric and licorice (mulethi) in 8 times water. Boil till 1/4th is left. Sieve and drink with honey. This mixture provides instant relief in productive cough. It allows peaceful release of mucus from within the body.

Ginger for Nausea

In case of motion sickness and recurrent nausea, keep ginger flakes along. Even pickles made up of ginger can be carried along.

Keeps Cholesterol at Bay

A flake of garlic daily in the morning keeps cholesterol within limits, is good for digestion and avoids attack of allergic cold.

Relieve Acidity

Juice extracted from aloe vera leaves is a good remedy in acidity, gastritis and ulcer.

Aniseed Tea for Infantile Catarrh

For infantile catarrh, Aniseed tea is very helpful. It is made by pouring half a pint of boiling water on 2 teaspoonful of bruised seed. This, sweetened, is given cold in doses of 1 to 3 teaspoonful frequently.

Adding Asoka to Milk Keeps all Women Healthy

It is general recommendation to drink milk in which bark of Ashok has been boiled by every female every three days, in every 3 months, as preventive to all gynecological troubles.

Charcoal Effects

Activated charcoal is a traditional remedy for treating excess stomach and intestinal gas. It works by attracting excess gas in the stomach and bowels, which binds to the surface of the charcoal powder. This relieves the discomfort caused by excess gas (flatulence), wind, indigestion and heartburn. The charcoal is not absorbed from the gut.

Relief from Constipation

In habitual constipation a tablespoon of Haritaki increases the frequency of stools and has got the property of evacuating the bowel completely.

Pain Reliever

Clove leaf oil can be used for acne, bruises, burns and cuts, keeping infection at bay. As a pain reliever it helps with toothache, mouth sores, rheumatism and arthritis.

Balancing Hormones

Oats in a dose of 2.5 gms daily, whether eaten or infused, will nourish and help balance your hormonal system and are useful in females drawing towards menopause.

Aid in Hing

Hing is used as an aid in prevention of miscarriage (stimulates ovarian and intestinal activity).

Cholesterol Control

Intake of 10.2 g of Psyllium Husk per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol significantly lower the blood total- and LDL-cholesterol levels.




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