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Facts About Food Allergy

Jaya Mohan

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Anaphylactic Shock
For some people,a single food could prove life threatening if they are allergic to it and the reaction is not spotted immediately and treated appropriately. Such extreme reactions are likely to occur within minutes of consuming a food and can be recognized by the symptoms like-

1. Closing up of the throat and nasal passages
2. Inability to breathe
3. Anxiety
4. Panic attack
5. Acute swelling of ant part or all of the face and neck

For example, peanuts are well known for their potential to cause anaphylactic shock:many food products now carry warnings that they contain peanuts or other nuts, which may cause an allergic reaction in susceptible people. Shellfish are another major culprit behind this type of reaction, although no warning labels currently appear on such foods. Bee or wasp stings may also cause anaphylactic shock.

Total Toxic Overload
There are those who find that they have become apparently intolerant to ‘almost everything’.This is usually due to a severe gut dysbiosis,where the intestinal tract has become so inflamed that rogue food particles can pass through into blood stream unchecked.It is vital to address the digestive problems first,and allow the inflammation to settle.

It is also possible that the liver has become overburdened if a high intake of sugar, alcohol or prescription drugs has been consumed over a prolonged period. If the liver is overtaxed many food intolerance type symptoms will present themselves and it is essential to follow a liver support personal programme.

Although there isn’t a sure fire way to avoid allergies and intolerances, a BASIC EXCLUSION DIET guidelines which are based on avoiding the foods that have commonly been found to provoke the symptoms of food allergy or intolerance prove to be quite effective in battling allergy woes.

By adapting these simple but effective measures in their day to day lives,a person suffering from food allergy or intolerance may be able to break out of this destructive spiral and experience a pleasure in eating once again.

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